University project: Visual Comunication



The theme of the project is the development of a film-related website. The site is developed according to a coordinated graphic design that can express a general character recognizable in all pages of the site. Initially I worked with Figma to make the mock up and the prototype, then I prepared the HTML5/CSS files. I chose the french film "Amélie", that besides a wonderful story offers a unique aesthetic and an impressive mastery of color. The different colors that appear allow us to identify the characters’ emotions. The color palette that I used reflects Amélie's warmth and loving character. I used the Atomic design system.

Site map


Design system


Wireframes (high e low fidelity)

Figma prototype (desktop)

Selected Works

SchiscettaUX/UI design

Web site for AmélieVisual/UX design

Dot AppUX/UI design

HansIndustrial design

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