Dot Academy

Design team

Brigit Zadeja & Gloria Colaianni



Once we completed the Web Design course at Dot Academy, we were selected to do the user experience design and the application interface. The target audience was Dot Academy students and lectures. To define the students' needs we analysed our personal experience, next we got in touch with some of our lecturers who helped us understand their needs. The first two days we built the user journey and user flow to structure the application, after that we focused on the layout and finally on the actual prototyping. This application fully conveys the philosophy of Dot Academy, which is not only a digital training academy but also a community based on knowledge sharing. The choice of colours and other elements of the graphic interface was strongly inspired by the brand and the existing Dot Academy website.

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Selected Works

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Web site for AmélieVisual/UX design

Dot AppUX/UI design

HansIndustrial design

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